In an open letter to Donald Trump, dozens of Iranian nationalists urge the US president elect to take into consideration their recommendations in regards to his future foreign policy toward Iran. The authors of the letter claim that US President Barack Obama ignored the Iranian people’s suffering throughout his eight-year presidency and express hope that Trump will craft his foreign policy toward Tehran with more focus on the Iranian people.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Dear President Elect Trump:

As nationalist Iranians with varied political ideologies who for the past 38 years have been active as the voices of our compatriots held hostage by the terrorist regime inside Iran, we wish to congratulate you on your election to the High Office of the President of the United States of America.

Our compatriots inside Iran also aspire to free Iran from the yoke of terrorist mullahs whom you yourself have so eloquently called “financers of Islamic radical groups, supporters of terror cells and behind global terror efforts.” They are also very concerned about the safety of Iran’s borders and the protection of its territorial integrity. Separatist groups supported by neighboring countries are already fighting to divide our land and cause a civil war. We all know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for most terror acts throughout the world.

As you are aware, under President Obama’s terms in office, the struggles of the Iranian freedom movement, the plight of the ethnic and religious minority and Afghan refugees were all ignored.

During the 2009 Green Movement, the people of Iran took to the streets under the banner of “Where is my vote?” which then changed to “Regime Change” slogans. As you may recall, the terrorist mullahs did not hesitate to butcher our youth on the street such as “NEDA” and many more who were shot, ran over by guerrilla forces or imprisoned, tortured, maimed and hung at the hand of the Islamic Republic. President Obama totally ignored these cries for freedom and instead decided to engage with these same mullahs and release $150 billion to them to continue their terror efforts not only against their own people but in neighboring countries and abroad. This did not go unnoticed by our compatriots who chanted on the streets “Obama, Obama do you stand with us or with them (meaning the regime).” Only a week ago, hundreds of thousands of nationalists gathered at the tomb of Cyrus the Great and chanted slogans against the Islamic Republic of Iran but none of the international media bothered to mention it. Some of our youth were detained, imprisoned and tortured and one was killed while being tortured but yet again the world stands silent!

There has never been a need for military intervention in Iran to enact regime change. If in 2009, the Obama administration instead of listening to advisors such as American Iranian Council (AIC), National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and now Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA)…… (who are all either direct Islamic regime lobbyists or apologists) had stood with the people of Iran and if the international media had truly carried their cries for freedom, democracy and secularism, the situation would have turned into a wide range of acts of civil disobedience including the shut-down of the Bazaar, strikes in the public and private sector different sections of the government, the oil industry, the gas industry….. etc. These actions would have forced the regime to bend towards an internationally monitored election. Iran and the world would have been in a much better position today if the freedom loving people of Iran were supported in their efforts.

Over the past decades, the efforts of the peaceful secular democratic Iranian opposition groups whose main concerns have been and are regime change in Iran, respect for human rights (also respect for the rights of both religious and ethnic minorities which this regime totally disregards), and the territorial integrity of Iran have been undermined especially in Washington and the major European capitals. However, organizations such as MEK (Mujahadeen-e-Khalq), MKO (Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization), PMOI (People’s Mujahedin of Iran), NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran), a known terrorist organization (which for many years has been on these country’s official list of terrorist groups), and regime apologists have unfortunately been consultants on the crafting of policies regarding the Islamic Republic.

We urge you to keep the above in mind when formulating your administration’s foreign policy for Iran and the Middle East. The Iranian people need moral support to be able to move towards regime change. Sanctions had paralyzed the Islamic Republic but President Obama chose to change course and expand the life of this criminal-corrupt regime.

We wish you success in not only making America Great again “but helping bring peace, tranquility and respect of human rights to the Middle East and the world.”

Please accept the assurances of our highest consideration.

Jaleh Abdollazadeh
Azita Afshar
Kazem Afzali
Gholam Ali Amir Ebrahimi
Neda Asgharzadeh
Shabnam Assadollahi
Slater Bakhtavar
Firooz Davaloo
Ahamad Farasati
Ali Farazandeh
Pouri Fathi
Shahriar Fathi
Manouchehr Ganji
Roxanne Ganji
Firouzeh Ghaffarpour
Davar Ghassemlouei
Amir Hakim
Mohammad Reza Heidari
Darius Kadivar
Ali Karami
Hadi Koochekmanesh
Bahman Maalizadeh
Nikki Mahmoudi
Nasser Meymand
Kazem Mowafagh
Shahla Momtaz
Homayoun Naderifar
Bahram Najafi
Ali Akbar Omid Mehr
Ramin Piramoon
Farokh Pirnia
Nancy Pirnia
Arash Razi
Reza Razi
Manouchehr Razmara
Sami Ronaghi
Molook Sajadian
Pouran Saniei
Edmond Sarvarian
Aref Saraie
Kamran Shahbazi
Manda Shahbazi
Maryam Shahbazi
Yadollah Shahbazi
Amir Khosrow Sheibany
Bijan Sharafshahi
Ali Shaghaghi
Sima Tajdini
Zina Tehrani
Victoria Azad
Dr. Kianzad
Mahin Arjomand

Dr. Mohammad Reza Azarpad

Arastu Sassani

Dr. A Mostafalou