Blue and White candidate Benny Gantz’s phone was hacked by Russian agents months after he was hacked by Iranian hackers, according to local Israeli media reports.

The CGI company, used by the and Blue and White party to check whether any internal information was disclosed, reported the hack. According to the company, the Russians not only hacked Gantz’s phone but also the phones of his chief of staff Hod Betzer, campaign director Ido Har-Tuv, and his adviser Ronen Moshe.

“It’s a powerful hacking, which we have never seen before,” said the CGI company in its report to Gantz.

An official statement was released from the Blue and White party that confirmed the hacking. However they denied that the hacking was successful by any means.

“Political officials who are worried about our forthcoming victory tried to obtain information from the leadership of the campaign. The CGI report spoke of suspicion of an attempt to obtain information, but it turned out to be a lie. We turned to cyber experts in the field and they found that none of the phones were hacked,” the statement said.