Six days after she went missing in Kyrgyzstan, the body of 22-year-old Hila Livne was found. The Livne family thanked the Israeli public for praying for their loved one and being with them during their time of need.

Hila Livne

Hila Livne Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

22-year-old Israeli Hila Livne’s body was discovered in Kyrgyzstan on Friday, six days after she went missing during a hike. A local man managed to reach the bottom of the ravine where Livne’s body was spotted by a drone and handed it over to the local police department.

The Israeli consulate in Kyrgyzstan and the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Department for Israelis Abroad are working to bring the body back to Israel for a proper burial.

The circumstances of Livne’s disappearance are still unclear. According to the Sital rescue company, Livne went on a long hike with an Israeli man and two French travelers. During their hike, the Israeli man fell off a hill and was slightly injured. The French hikers went to help him and when they returned, Livne was nowhere to be found.

“Because you guys were one big family for us, we feel the need to share with you our personal pain. We are hurting and sorry to announce that our Hila is no longer alive” Livne’s twin brother, Yuval, wrote on Facebook. “We appreciate the national effort to support us and give us a hand during these difficult and scary times.”