70 years after her death during the War of Independence, the body of Pvt. Livka Shefer was recently located.

Pvt. Likva Shefer

Pvt. Likva Shefer Photo credit: izkor.gov.il

The body of an IDF soldier who died during Israel’s War of Independence was recently located after an extensive investigation.

Private Livka Shefer, a member of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, was killed on the night of May 23, 1948, a mere days after the establishment of Israel, while rescuing an injured soldier during an Egyptian bombardment.

For 70 years Shefer was classified as Missing In Action (MIA) as authorities were unable to locate her body. A tombstone inscribed with her name was built at the Yad Mordechai cemetery in her memory.

Lt. Col. Nir Israeli, the Head of the MIA Accounting Unit, said of the discovery, “The location of missing soldiers from past wars isn’t a simple task. … We do everything we can to bring every single fatality to decent burial. It is our obligation to the victims and their families.”

Shefer was born in 1914 in Poland and made Aliyah in 1939. Now that her body has been found, her name will be added to a mass grave on Kibbutz Nitzanim.