After parts of a body were found on a beach in Denmark, authorities have confirmed that the remains belonged to Kim Wall, the Swedish journalist who went on a submarine cruise with Danish investor Peter Madsen and had since disappeared. The police suspect that Madsen murdered her at sea and drowned the submarine to conceal the evidence.

Missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

This morning (Wednesday), Danish police confirmed that the headless torso found on the Copenhagen coast belonged to Kim Wall, the Swedish journalist who joined Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen for a ride on his homemade “UC3 Nautilus” submarine two weeks ago and whose trail had since disappeared.

Wall had joined Madsen, an amateur mechanic, on a small submarine that he had built in his backyard. The two met at a Copenhagen port on the morning of August 10th to discuss an article Wall was writing. Wall joined Madsen for a ride on his submarine but the submarine sank. Madsen was rescued a day later, alone, claiming that he had already dropped Wall off in Copenhagen.

Security cameras in the Danish port area proved Madsen’s version of events false, however, and Madsen was forced to change his version of events, telling the court that Wall had died in an accident and that he buried her at sea.

Danish police believe that Madsen murdered Wall- though the reasons and circimstances are still unclear- and that he purposefully drowned the submarine in order to conceal the evidence. Wall’s body, missing its head, legs and arms, was apparently found by a cyclist who was passing by, and was sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Denmark for identification.