The company said it no longer has a license to sell planes to Iran, adding that no planes have been delivered so far.

A Boeing 727

A Boeing 727 Photo credit: Alex Beltyukov, Wikimedia Commons

Boeing said Wednesday it will not deliver any aircraft to Iran in light of the newly-imposed US sanctions, despite two large contracts signed with Iranian carriers.

“We have not delivered any aircraft to Iran, and given we no longer have a license to sell to Iran at this time, we will not be delivering any aircraft,” a Boeing spokesperson said. “We did not factor the Iran orders into our order backlog either.”

The company had previously said it would respect US policy on Iran. Boeing, along with Airbus, received a license from the US Treasury to sell aircraft to Iran after some of the US sanctions were lifted under the Obama administration.

In December 2016, Boeing announced it would sell 80 aircraft to Iran valued at $16.6 billion.