Israel Border Police officer Ben Deri was found guilty Wednesday of causing the death of Nadim Nuwara during a Nakba Day incident in 2014. He will be sent to prison for nine months as part of a plea bargain.

Border Police officers in the West Bank

Border Police officers in the West Bank Photo Credit: STR/Flash 90

Israeli Border Police officer Ben Deri was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday) to nine months in prison by the Jerusalem District Court for the negligent homicide of Nadim Nuwara, a 17-year-old Palestinian, in Beitunia back in 2014.

Deri pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison as part of a plea bargain that also requires him to pay NIS 50,000 in compensation to the Nuwara family.

The final court verdict considered the circumstances surrounding the incident, the district attorney’s claim that the shooting was avoidable and Deri’s guilty plea and remorse for his actions.

The nine-month sentence is too short, according to the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office, which maintains that “Deri acted unprofessionally and with the full intent to unnecessary harm a Palestinian youth who walked with his hands by his sides and posed no threat.”

Attorney Zion Amir, who represented Deri, convinced the District Attorney’s Office to amend the original indictment to state that a live bullet was accidentally found in a rubber bullet magazine and to sign the plea bargain.

The fully documented incident occurred during Nakba Day when Deri was serving as a squad commander at Beitunia Border Crossing.