13 years ago, Yehoshua Elitzur was convicted for shooting an M16 at a Palestinian man and killing him near the Elon Moreh settlement. After his conviction, Elitzur fled from Israel to Brazil, where he was arrested this past June. After a long extradition process, Elitzur has arrived in Israel and will be brought before a judge tomorrow for a remand extension hearing.

Yehoshua Elitzur

Yehoshua Elitzur Photo Credit: Screenshot from Israel News Company

13 years after being convicted for manslaughter in the death of a Palestinian man, Yehoshua Elitzur was extradited on Wednesday from Brazil back to Israel for sentencing at the Tel Aviv District Court. Elitzur was arrested this past June in Brazil.

In September of 2004, Elitzur was driving from the Beit Furik checkpoint towards the Elon Moreh settlement while at the same time, Tzail Ashtiya, a Palestinian man, was also driving a transit vehicle containing seven passengers. Elitzur stopped and exited his vehicle holding a fully-loaded M16 and ordered Ashtiya to stop while aiming the rifle barrel at him. Afterwards, Elitzur fired one shot from a distance of about 1 or 2 meters (1 or 2 yards) towards Ashtiya, which killed him.

Elitzur was indicted and later on in September of 2005, he was convicted of manslaughter and the court scheduled a hearing for sentencing arguments. Elitzur did not arrive to his hearing on September 20, 2005, when it was discovered that he had fled Israel.

Ever since he fled Israel, the International Department within the Israeli State Attorney’s Office and the Israel Police’s Interpol squad have been searching for Elitzur around the globe in order to extradite him back to Israel. This past June, Elitzur was arrested in São Paulo and Israel filed an official extradition request to Brazilian authorities. The request was approved and on Thursday, Elitzur will be brought before a judge for a remand extension hearing at the Tel Aviv District Court.