A new Instagram account named @girlseatpita is aspiring to brand Israel through food and girl power. The account, run by two young women, started as a project in their Masters’ in communication program at IDC, but quickly evolved outside the classroom. The account shares weekly updates of girls who eat pita all over Israel, recommending restaurants and street food stalls to their followers, while bravely going where few Instagrammers have gone before: showing women eating.


Noa Ochayon, one of the account managers at girlseatpita, told us about the project over Skype, “We wanted to share something different about Israel. While we usually show models or actors as the frontmen of Israel’s publicity and PR, we wanted to do something different and show Israel’s real women. We think it better reflects the authenticity of Israel and our ‘down to earth’ way of life here.”

Inbar Eytan, the other account manager at @girlseatpita, added, “Furthermore, we wanted to kind of ‘break’ gender barriers and show that women don’t just eat salads and should be tender and delicate. A big part of our intention is to show that women can eat whatever they want and it doesn’t make them any less of a woman. Other than that – Israeli tend to eat everything in pita – whether it’s Kebab, Shawarma, Falafel, or even Schnitzel and Fish. Together with the real attitude of Israeli women, we feel that we show the real, and yummy face of Israel”.


The account is humorous and works to be aware of the environment it exists in. The girls upload pitas from all around Israel – Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv and more, and have posts for special events such as the Tel Aviv Pride Parade or holidays like Passover when Jews can’t eat bread (even pita bread!).

“We were mainly happy to find out that people love our idea,” shares Ochayon. “We started getting great comments from friends and family, and when we started growing, women we don’t know also started sending us photos of them with pitas. We made some collaboration with small Instagram influencers here in Israel and now we try to reach a larger audience and to spread the word about our account”.


The managers wish to reach larger audiences beyond Israel, and it looks like they have a really good chance of doing so. Another famous Instagram account that started as an IDC project is @hotdudesandhummus, which went viral. If they follow in the Hot Dudes’ footsteps, they might just become the next big Instagram phenomenon in no time.