Dozens of people were treated in the coastal region of East Sussex in Britain after a chemical fog made its way from the sea to the beach. The source of the fog is still unknown.

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Approximately 150 people received medical treatment yesterday (Sunday), after a chemical fog made its way from the sea to East Sussex on the southern coast of Britain. 50 people reported irritation in the eyes and throat. Local police stated that the source of the fog is still unknown.

Authorities warned citizens in the region to stay away from the beach and keep their doors and windows closed. People on social media suspected the chemical was chlorine but the local firefighting services rejected the claim. The first patients received a full decontamination treatment but it was quickly deemed unnecessary and further patients were instructed to wash themselves with lots of water and soap.

The chemical fog

The chemical fog Photo credit: Sky News/ Channel 2 News

“It appears that the last reports were received some three hours after the first,” police said. “But long queues built up at Eastbourne District General Hospital well into the evening, with approximately 150 people being treated. However, the effects were mostly minor and it was not necessary to admit anyone for further treatment.”