In light of the intelligence about ISIS possessing the technology to conceal explosives in electronic devices, the security at Britain’s airports and nuclear power stations will be increased.

Watch: Latest terror threat makes international headlines

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A day after it was reported that the American intelligence community believes that ISIS has successfully developed explosive devices that airport security cannot detect, Britain announced that it intends to increase security at airports and nuclear power stations.

According to a news report published by The Telegraph, British nuclear power stations and airports were instructed to tighten their security. After the news about the concerning threat made international headlines yesterday, countries around the world began announcing that they are changing their policies and airport screening procedures.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

JOL News reported yesterday that the American intelligence community believes that terrorist organizations have successfully developed a way to implant undetectable explosives inside electronic devices such as laptops, according to CNN.

Based on the intelligence received, it is feared that sophisticated security equipment that is used in airports in Western countries has been obtained by terrorist organizations. The terrorists have studied the equipment and successfully figured out how to hide undetectable explosives inside electronic devices. This is most likely the reason the U.S. decided two weeks ago to ban passengers traveling from certain airports from bringing electronic devices larger than a cellphone in their carry-on bags.