British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

May and Netanyahu

May and Netanyahu Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Wednesday), it was revealed that advanced discussions are being held for a meeting between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu next week in London.

It is expected to be the first meeting between Netanyahu and May, who entered office last July. Before that, May was the Home Secretary in David Cameron’s first Cabinet until she replaced him when he retired due to Brexit.

After the US abstained from a UN resolution against Israel, May’s Spokesperson criticized the US. “We do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally,” he said. “But we are also clear that the settlements are far from the only problem in this conflict. In particular, the people of Israel deserve to live free from the threat of terrorism, with which they have had to cope for too long.”