The senior level IDF officer accused of sexual assault has asked the Military Advocate General now to allow publications that are part of a slander campaign.

Photo credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

IDF Brig. Gen. Ofek Buchris, who is under a military investigation for alleged sexual assault, sent a letter through his attorney on Thursday to the Military Advocate General and asked him to intervene to prevent the spreading of rumors and leaked information to the media.

In the letter, Buchris’ attorney Col. Asher Halperin claimed that these publications are smearing his client’s name and are harming the investigation, as well as his client’s right to a fair legal process. “The officer is denying the allegations and is fighting to prove his innocence,” the letter said. “Throughout this entire period we have witnessed a slander campaign being run while the investigation in still going on.”

“We can no longer ignore this kind of conduct,” Halperin added. “An informed legal decision must be made based solely on evidence and disconnected from outside pressure.”

After a second confrontation held earlier this week between Buchris and one of the complainants against him, her lawyer claimed Buchris had abandoned his original version. In the first confrontation, the lawyer said, Buchris claimed they had gotten carried away and that he had talked to her afterwards and clarified that it wasn’t going to happen again. But in the second confrontation, he claimed she had forced herself on him.