A bullet and a threatening letter that said “price tag soon” that was placed on the car of Mayor Avi Gruber. In addition, graffiti that read “price tag” was sprayed onto the building where the mayor lives.

Photo Credit: Ramat Ha-Sharon Municipality/Channel 2 News

A bullet was attached this morning to the car of Ramat Ha-Sharon Mayor Avi Gruber. The bullet also was attached to a threatening letter, which proclaimed: “Price tag coming soon.”

In addition, “price tag” graffiti was sprayed onto the building where the mayor lives. After the mayor discovered the “price tag” letter, bullet and graffiti when he came to his car in the morning, the police were summoned to the area and began gathering evidence.

Municipality officials declared that they believe the reason for the attack upon Mayor Gruber is because on the last Israeli Independence Day, he refused to establish a separate platform for the religious public and his struggle to close down an illegal settlement in the eastern part of the city.