First report: In a recent Cabinet discussion, Education Minister Naftali Bennett suggested to conduct a proactive operation against the terror tunnels and not to wait for the next war but Netanyahu and Ya’alon rejected his idea. The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office stated: “The ministers need to be responsible and not attempt to gather votes.”

Bennett, Netanyahu and Ya'alon

Bennett, Netanyahu and Ya’alon Photo Credit: Reuters and Noam Moshkovitz/Channel 2 News

The question about how to deal with the Hamas terror tunnels, which threaten the Israeli communities near Gaza, is once again a subject for the Cabinet. In a Cabinet discussion that took place recently, Bennett suggested that Israel take a proactive approach to the tunnel threat instead of waiting for the next fight with Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon disagreed with him. This dispute is likely to cause further rifts within the government.

The idea, which was presented during a closed discussion, mimics Opposition leader Isaac Herzog’s suggestion- which is completely opposite to Netanyahu and Ya’alon’s position regarding the matter. According to statements the 2 have made regarding this matter, “there is a need to make responsible decisions only after much consideration.” Netanyahu and Ya’alon also compared the situation to Hamas missile attacks or Iran’s nuclear system. Bennett’s position reflects an ongoing dispute regarding the desired way and time to operate against Hamas.

Bennett’s office declined to reply to the report. The Prime Minister’s Office replied harshly: “We do not comment on Cabinet discussion at all and we especially do not comment on IDF operations. All the ministers need to be responsible and not attempt to gather votes.”