IAF chief Amiram Norkin told 20 foreign air force commanders on Tuesday about Israel’s first-ever combat use of the F-35 stealth jet.

An F-35 stealth fighter jet

An F-35 stealth fighter jet Photo credit: iaf.org.il

The Israeli Security Cabinet on Thursday criticized IAF Commander Maj. Gen. Amiram Norkin for revealing details about recent Israeli operations, including attacks in Syria.

On Tuesday, during a conference in Israel attended by 20 foreign air force commanders, Norkin said the IAF had used the F-35 stealth fighter jet in two recent attacks on two different fronts. He also showed a picture of the jet flying above Beirut.

Cabinet ministers called Norkin’s remarks “unnecessary arrogance” and said they were “inappropriate and unhelpful.” “This kind of information isn’t even revealed to close allies,” one of them said.