The Security Cabinet met on Monday and agreed to request a second court hearing on the issue of keeping bodies of Palestinian terrorists as bargaining chips.

A terrorist's funeral

A terrorist’s funeral Photo credit: Reuters/Israel News Company

After the Supreme Court ruled last week that Israel cannot hold on to bodies of Palestinian terrorists as bargaining chips unless a clear policy is formed through legislation, the Security Cabinet on Monday agreed to request a second hearing on the matter.

Cabinet ministers stressed that bodies will not be returned to the Palestinian Authority and that a law will not be promoted until the justices give their second ruling.

Labor MK Itzik Shmuli called the Cabinet’s decision “cowardly and disgraceful.” “Rather than making big statements and shifting the responsibility back to the court, it’s time to make the right moves and promote a simple law,” he said.

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government must return all bodies currently held by Israel unless a law is passed within the next six months.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the ruling “problematic” and said it gave a reward to Hamas.