A California town has experienced over 100 earthquakes since New Year’s Eve. While Brawley residents did not feel most of the minor earthquakes, they are still concerned due to the alarmingly high number. No damage or injuries were reported due to the earthquakes.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The beginning of 2017 was marked in various ways throughout the world. Many welcomed the New Year with fireworks and by having a good time with close friends. However, a California town experienced a rather unexpected beginning to 2017: a swarm of over 100 earthquakes.

Brawley, which is about 125 miles (about 200 kilometers) east of San Diego, is used to earthquakes because it is located near the region that is called the Brawley Seismic Zone. This zone lies between two major and important faults: the large San Andreas Fault and the Imperial Fault. Both of these faults have produced devastating earthquakes.

While the number of earthquakes that have hit the city since New Year’s Eve is alarming, most of them were not strong enough to be felt by the residents. Nevertheless, residents are still very concerned. No damage or injuries were reported due to the earthquakes.