The firefighters who have been battling the flames throughout the country over the past couple of days finally were able to enjoy a relatively peaceful night between Saturday and Sunday. Right now, some firefighting teams are operating near Jerusalem in order to prevent extinguished flames from reigniting.

Firefighters enjoy calm night

Firefighters enjoy calm night Photo Credit: Yosh Fire Department/Channel 2 News

After battling the nationwide fires over the past five days, Israeli firefighters enjoyed their first night of rest. Teams of firefighters are still working in certain areas in order to prevent the flames from reigniting. After the wave of fires in Haifa that caused serious damage, it was decided that this week’s government meeting will be held in the city.

The calm atmosphere overnight (between Saturday and Sunday) also allowed tens of thousands of evacuated residents to return to their homes and start assessing the damage. So far, 527 homes have been deemed uninhabitable and 1,600 residents are still prohibited from returning to their houses. The damage to the homes and buildings is estimated at 500 million NIS in Haifa alone. Over the past few days, about 28,000 dunams (approximately 6,918 acres) have gone up in flames.

Meanwhile, this week’s government meeting held by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been relocated to Haifa. Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon was interviewed by Channel 2’s Rina Mazliah last night and said that the government will assist the citizens affected by this wave of fires and arson attacks.