Thousands of asylum-seekers continue to immigrate from the US to Canada in hopes of finding a new home. Montreal was forced to transfer its Olympic Stadium into a shelter after there were no more places in the city.

The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Wednesday), Canadian health and welfare services prepared the Olympic Stadium for the absorption of asylum seekers in the city of Montreal. A growing number of refugees continues to cross from the US to Canada, and welfare services were unable to keep up with the demand for housing.

“You can count on our full collaboration,” Montreal mayor Denis Coderre Tweeted. Head of a government-funded organization that assists asylum seekers Francine Dupuis said that the numbers are only growing. “We are really stretched,” she said. “It’s much more than we have ever seen.” Over 4,300 people have crossed the border from the US into Canada during the last year with the aim of receiving a refugee status.

90 percent of the refugees that will take shelter in the stadium are originally from Haiti. After the terrible earthquake in the country in 2010, they arrived in the US. Now, their asylum-seeker status is about to end. Approximately 60 thousand refugees from Haiti that are living in the US could soon be deported.

“They think the Trump administration will fly them back to Haiti and they don’t want to take a chance,” Dupuis said. After every shelter in the city was completely filled, it was decided to open the stadium for approximately 450 refugees for several months.