A siblings quarrel escalated, leading to one of them stabbing the other. The suspect was driving his car while his brother rode alongside him on a bicycle. For a reason unknown yet, the two started arguing and the driver stabbed his brother, who later died from his injuries.

The scene of the incident Petah Tikva

The scene of the incident Petah Tikva Photo Credit: MDA / Channel 2 News

A 41-year-old male was stabbed earlier today (Sunday) during a brawl in the streets of Petah Tikva. Magen David Adom (MDA) teams that were rushed to the scene evacuated the stabbing victim to a hospital while performing CPR. The individual was in serious condition due to the stab wounds in his lower abdomen. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, doctors declared him dead.

Police detained the sibling who stabbed his brother and began investigating the incident.

Dan Rozen, an MDA medic, recalled what he saw at the scene: “On the sidewalk close to the road laid a 41-year-old male who was suffering from stab wounds in his lower abdomen. I immediately began treating him, mainly trying to stop the bleeding and bandage him. With the assistance of other MDA teams, we performed CPR on the individual. The ambulance team performed CPR on him all the way to the hospital when he was in serious condition.”