Police in Antwerp managed to thwart a car ramming attack at 11:00 AM (local time). The suspect was apparently trying to ram his car into a crowded shopping market. The suspect, a French citizen, was arrested and taken in for questioning.

Police responded quickly and thwarted the attack

Police responded quickly and thwarted the attack Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A year after the Brussels bombings and a day after the Westminster terror attack in London, Belgian police in Antwerp announced that they were able to thwart a terror attack. According to the local reports, the suspect tried to plow his car into a crowded shopping center.

The reports also state that weapons and knives were discovered in the suspect’s car. The local prosecutor said that the suspect is a French citizen who lives in France. Police set up roadblocks in the area after the suspect was arrested.

“The suspect was arrested at 11:00 AM,” said a police spokesperson. “The vehicle was speeding fast on De Meir, which caused the shoppers in the area to jump out of the way.” The spokesperson added that after the suspect was arrested, the security in the area was increased.

The news of the thwarted car ramming attack in Belgium comes shortly after ISIS claimed responsibility for the London terror attack in which four people were murdered yesterday.