This morning, a 20-year-old Palestinian terrorist from East Jerusalem was sentenced to 15 years in prison after committing a car-ramming attack last year.


Illustration Photo credit: Israel News Company

This morning (Tuesday), an Israeli court sentenced a Palestinian terrorist from East Jerusalem to 15 years in prison. In October of 2016, the terrorist committed a car-ramming attack in Jerusalem, during which two Israeli citizens were moderately injured.

According to the indictment, 20-year-old Morad Rajebi was equipped with an 11-centimeter kitchen knife and intended to murder Jews. On the date of the attack, Rajebi arrived at the city with a motorcycle, noticed two religious-looking Israelis and decided to run them over. He then drove into one of the Israelis before approaching the other and assaulting him with a knife and helmet.

In the verdict, the judge noted that according to a clinical psychologist, Rajebi committed the attack with the intention of committing suicide, after he failed to kill himself twice in the past. In addition to the 15-year sentence, Rajebi was sentenced to 18 months under probation and a 30-thousand-shekel compensation to the victims.