Carlos Slim, the Mexican businessman who has been ranked at the top of the world wealthiest list for years, will invest millions in the video and photo sharing platform “Mobli”.

Slim investing in an Israeli startup

Slim investing in an Israeli startup Photography: Mobli website

Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, who was crowned as the world’s second richest man in 2013, has decided to invest 60 million dollars in Israeli startup “Mobli” as part of a partnership with the biggest cellular company in South and Central America “American Mobile”, which is owned by Slim.

“Mobli” is a startup that was established in 2011 that deals with connections between people and communities according to interests. The platform allows web users to follow photos posted by other users. The cooperation with Slim will allow Mobli to launch their visual search engine and users will be able to search and find photographs in the archives that were shared in the past.

“The investment is a great opportunity as well as a great responsibility to continue, improve and develop powerful technology” Moshe Hogeg, Founder and CEO of the company said. “The strategic partnership with ‘American Mobile’ will allow us to reach a massive audience, millions of users in Latin America”.

“Developed amazing technology”

“Mobile access enriches our day to day and opens up the opportunity for a completely new experience for our users across the world” Slim said in addressing the decision to invest in the Israeli startup. “Mobli developed amazing technology and this strategic partnership will allow ‘American Mobile’ to bring added value to its users’ experience”.

Leonardo DiCaprio, an investor in “Mobli”, also had something to say about the move. “I was always excited about Mobli’s mission to connect people across the world by sharing photographs” DiCaprio said. “The announcement today says that that a new large community will get to know the amazing experience of discovering and sharing”.