Kevin and Annette Shanahan are thanking their cat for saving their lives. The Wisconsin couple claims that their cat noticed that something was wrong and immediately started pounding on the door in order to wake Kevin up at 1:00 AM. When Keven woke up, he saw that his wife was barely breathing due to the dangerous level of carbon monoxide within the house.

Watch: The couple recalls the life-saving actions of Gracie

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Kevin and Annette Shanahan are raising three cats in their Wisconsin home. Recently, one of their cats surprisingly saved their lives.

At around 1:00 AM one morning, their cat Gracie just started pounding on the door to the room in which Kevin was sleeping. “I got out of bed to stop her from pounding on the door and then I looked to my left and Annette was there in the chair.” Annette said, “I was hanging on to the arm of the chair and I thought I was dying.”

Annette was barely breathing. She called 911 but the only thing she was able to say was that she could hardly breathe. When the firefighters came, they found dangerous levels of carbon monoxide inside the couple’s home. Kevin and Annette were taken straight to the hospital for treatment.


Gracie Photo Credit: Enex/Channel 2 News

The two said that they are alive today thanks to Gracie. “I don’t know how much she was saving our lives but she wanted to get out of there and she knew enough to know something was wrong,” said Kevin. “She was pounding on the door.”