The London-based newspaper Al Hayat has reported that Israel and Hamas reached an agreement on a long-term ceasefire arrangement negotiated by Egypt during indirect negotiations. The agreement includes lifting the blockade of the Gaza Strip in exchange for a complete cessation of violence at the border.

According to the newspaper, the Sunni Islamic terrorist group Hamas will put an end not only to the so-called “Great March of Return”, characterized by acts of violence on the border fence, but also to the incendiary balloons and kites that for months have been causing numerous fires in the fields and forests of the Israeli communities bordering Gaza.

The latest development is the result of the efforts of Egyptian intelligence officials who have visited the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and Ramallah on several occasions in recent weeks.

During the negotiations, Egyptian officials met with Hamas leaders in Gaza, namely Ismail Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar at least four times.

Members of the Egyptian delegation also met with representatives of other Palestinian factions in Gaza in the past week. During the meeting, officials said their efforts prevented an all-out war between Israel and Hamas.