Vietnam banned the “Hunger Games”, Thailand was suspicious of “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” and the Chinese decided to settle the score with Martin Scorsese by banning “The Departed”. Over the years several Hollywood movies have been banned, here are the most outstanding ones.

You may think that Israel is strict with our policies, but think again. Think back to the last few blockbusters you saw in theaters, especially the ones banned in other countries.

Take the “Hunger Games”(trailor shown above), starring actress Jennifer Lawrence, a movie that earned almost $700 million, but was banned in Vietnam. Why? Because the Vietnamese Government thought the film presented too much death for the people to handle.

The Malaysians decided to declare war on “Zoolander”, Ben Stiller’s 2001 hit. The reasoning behind the ban is that at one point in the movie, Stiller’s character is brainwashed, causing him to try and assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia. After seeing this, Malaysian authorities feared viewers would be inspired and take after Zoolander’s initiatives, attempting to kill the Prime Minister. Thus, the film has yet to be shown in the country. 


Kevin Smith just wanted to make the world laugh a bit when he created, “Zack and Miri make a Porno”, a film about to best friends who set out to make a porno in attempts to make some extra money.

However, in Thailand Smith’s sense of humor was not embraced. The Thai thought the movie might encourage young people to follow in the movies footsteps. 

Getting into the really crazy bans, we come to North Korea. The communist country went to far as to ban the film“2012” (pictured above) by Ronald Emmerich. Their reasoning? According to a prophecy created by former leader Kim Jong Il, 2012 was the year North Korea was supposed to become a superpower, and well that couldn’t happen if the world was to end. Therefore, anyone found with a copy of the film was immediately sent to jail. 

Speaking of communism, China decided to ban the Oscar winner, Martin Scorsese’s film, The Departed. They claimed it was inappropriate because of the scene in the movie where Jack Nicholson meets a Chinese government service agent who passes him a suitcase full of cash in exchange for a computer chip designed for nuclear warheads.