Unlike in other attacks, Syria is now clearly pointing its finger at Israel. Is this a change in Syria’s policy? And how could it affect its relations with Israel?

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Air strikes and missile attacks by unidentified sources are not rare in Syria. For the past few years, fighter jets have struck targets belonging to Assad’s regime without anybody claiming responsibility. Even Syria itself has developed a tendency to downplay these attacks so as not to provoke a military conflict other than the ones it already has.

But recent incidents indicate that this policy may be changing, says Channel 2 News chief military commentator Roni Daniel. A clear example of this is Friday’s attack on a military airbase in Damascus, for which Syria uncharacteristically blamed Israel directly.

While Assad’s recent military victories have strengthened his army and his general status as the leader of the war-torn country, it is unlikely that he is interested in a military confrontation with Israel. Still, the fact that he is being backed by Russia may increase his confidence.