Mahmoud Qadusa

Last week, Mohammed Qatusa, from the Dir Qaddis village in the West Bank, was charged with rape, abduction, and assault on a seven-year-old Israeli girl.

Today the charges have been dropped and the accused has been released due to a lack of sufficient evidence

A statement was released by the courts that said, “The evidentiary infrastructure that underlies the indictment does not at this time amount to a ‘reasonable chance of conviction.’ Therefore, by law, the criminal process cannot continue, the indictment must be withdrawn and Qadusa released from custody.”

According to the dropped charges, Qatusa worked as a janitor in the girl’s school who fostered a twisted relationship with the young girl by her giving candies. On April 29th, after gaining her confidence Katusa grabbed her and brought her to an unoccupied house and threw her to the ground. He then had two other Palestinian friends hold her down while he brutally raped her.

The charges were dropped because of questionable police practices. First of all, it took two months for the police to collect the young girl’s clothes to test for DNA which at this point may be too late for forensics to give a definite answer. Secondly, the girl pointed out the rapist only after her mother told her that Qatusa was the man who raped her. Lastly, a failed polygraph test was conducted in Hebrew instead of the accused mother tongue of Arabic.

The police are now reinvesting the case.