A number of Jewish institutions in the United States have been evacuated after JCCs in New York, Florida and Wisconsin received phone calls and emails with bomb threats. The entire US Senate signed a special document calling for the institutions’ security to be reinforced.

Threats against US Jewish Community Centers

Threats against US Jewish Community Centers Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

American media outlets reported that a number of Jewish Community Centers around the country were forced to take security measures today (Tuesday) after receiving bomb threats. The threats were received via phone calls and emails to JCCs in New York, Florida and Wisconsin. This is yet another incident in what has come to be considered an alarming wave of anti-Semitism in the United States.

Some of the institutions were evacuated for fear that the threats would be actualized. Following the sequence of events, all 100 of the US senators unanimously demanded that security be increased in the Jewish institutions. The senators signed a document that was passed onto Director of Homeland Security John Kelly, FBI Director James Comey and to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, urging federal law enforcement agencies to help with the reinforcement of the institutions’ security.

“We are concerned that the number of incidents is accelerating and failure to address and deter these threats will place innocent people at risk and threaten the financial viability of JCCs, many of which are institutions in their communities,” the letter read.