Another gross act of anti-Semitism happened in Hamburg, Germany. Shlomo Bistritzky, Hamburg’s chief regional rabbi, and his colleague were just leaving City Hall after a meeting with mayor Peter Tschentscher when a Moroccan passerby started to spit and threaten them.

The Moroccan pulled a lighter out of his shirt and began to threaten the Rabbi and his colleague with the open flame.  During his antisemtic rant, the man spits on them numerous times.

First, the passerby said ‘Shalom’, and then he said something that sounded threatening. We faced him and asked him what he had said, He then reached under his shirt and pulled out something … and began to threaten us verbally,” Rabbi Bistritzky told a local newspaper.

The man was caught immediately by nearby police after the Rabbi showed them a cellphone picture he took of the assailant. Before being caught, he ran past by the Rabbi and spit on him again.

The Moroccan was taken to the police station where he was held for two hours before being released.

“ I never thought something like this could happen in Hamburg, let alone in this spot. We took it as a bad sign, too, that the attacker was released after two hours,” the Rabbi said.