China’s president addressed the country’s 19th National Congress on Wednesday, stating that Beijing is entering a new chapter in its history. He added that China will “take center stage in the world” under his leadership.

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

China is entering a new chapter in its history, an era during which it will need to “take center stage in the world,” stated Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday as the ruling party’s 19th National Congress began. “The country is quickly advancing under values of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

Xi emphasized that his way may be an alternative for the world’s current leadership, stating that his path could be “a new choice for other countries.” The president laid out his vision and listed China’s accomplishments under his leadership during his three-hour speech. He also stressed China’s important role in the development of the humankind.

The leader claimed that the country’s model of growth under the Communist government is flourishing. “We’ve succeeded in achieving miracles,” he stated. “China’s international influence has grown and grown.” However, he clarified that a period of “national revival,” which involves modernizing the Chinese army and upgrading it to the 21st century, is needed.

The Chinese National Congress meets every five years for a closed-door summit. During the session, the members decide who will rule China and determine the country’s direction until the next summit. Xi, who began leading the country in 2012, will remain the president of China until the next session.