Two members of Jordan’s Jerusalem Islamic Waqf were arrested after they attempted to attack Jewish visitors at the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day. Earlier today, 15 Jewish people were removed from the site for violating the visitation rules.

Watch: The incident at the Temple Mount, today

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A group of Jewish visitors began to sing Israel’s national anthem as they were leaving the Temple Mount on Wednesday. The police officers who were accompanying the group members started to quickly usher them out of the complex but Jerusalem Islamic Waqf officials intervened. The incident ended in the arrest of two officials.

The Israel Police said that while officers were ushering the Jewish visitors out of the complex, the officials started to taunt the visitors and even tried to attack them. “The police officers got the group away from the [Temple] Mount and arrested two of the waqf officials,” the Israel Police stated. In light of the incident, the Israel Police launched an investigation and investigators plan to question the group members.

Earlier today, about 15 Jewish visitors were removed from the Temple Mount after they attempted to pray at the holy site even through Jewish prayer is forbidden there. The Israel Police is stressing that it plans to allow all tourists and Jewish people who want to visit the Temple Mount to do so safely. “At the same time, the police will act with determination, zero tolerance and a firm hand toward anyone who chooses to take advantage of the Temple Mount ascent in order to carry out clear violations and provocations,” the Israel Police stated.