Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who is due in front of a parole board in two weeks, may not get the shortened sentence he hopes for after a lawyer was caught smuggling out classified documents after a visit. Speculations point to a book Olmert is writing as an explanation for the smuggled documents.

Photo Credit: Gil Yohanan/Channel 2 News

A lawyer who recently visited former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, was caught trying to smuggle out classified documents suspected of having been in Olmert’s possession since he ended his term as prime minister.

The documents were immediately confiscated and transferred to the relevant defense agency for examination. One such possibility under consideration is that the documents were intended for the purpose of writing Olmert’s book, and that they were smuggled to him from his house into the prison. As the lawyer tried to get them back out of prison, he was caught.

The Israel Prison Service chose not to comment on the affair but this incident could have negative implications for Olmert’s potential early release. In two weeks, the parole board will meet to discuss Olmert’s request to has his sentence shortened by a third.

As previously reported on Wednesday by JOL, Olmert’s evaluation submitted by IPS personnel is seemingly positive with no incidents that would threaten his request for a shortened sentence.

Yet, another evaluation submitted to the parole board by the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority is more critical. According to the PRA, the former prime minister is writing a book using classified content, expresses some regret over some of his past actions, but not complete remorse. As part of his rehabilitation, he participates and gives lectures to other groups.

Two others convicted in the Holy Land affair have already been released after a third of their sentence was reduced, a result of expressing complete regret for their actions during their parole hearings. Therefore, the main question is: How will Olmert conduct himself when he appears in front of the board in two weeks?