Asi Ben Mush, an Israeli businessman who has lived in Colombia for over a decade, was expelled after being charged with dealing drugs and running prostitution networks.

Watch: Ben Mush’s arrest as reported on Colombian TV

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Residents of the Colombian village of Taganga say they are happy and relieved after an Israeli citizen was expelled from the country over charges of human and drug trafficking.

Asi Ben Mush, an Israeli who has lived in Colombia for over a decade, ran a hotel in Taganga known as Little Israel, where he allegedly hosted prostitution parties for Israelis on vacation, primarily ex-soldiers.

Media outlets in Colombia described the hotel as a “bunker” for Israelis only.


Taganga Photo credit: Colombia Reports/Channel 2 News

“Finally we got rid of that bad energy,” a local said following Ben Mush’s expulsion. “He disturbed our social order.” Another said the expulsion marked “a new beginning for Taganga.”

Ben Mush was reportedly arrested when he arrived at the immigration offices in Santa Marta, accompanied by armed bodyguards, in order to apply for Colombian citizenship.