At least nine people were killed when a tourist ferry sunk in a Colombian reservoir between the towns Guatape and El Peñol. Dozens of passengers are still missing. The boat was carrying about 150 people.

Watch: Tourists in trouble as boat begins to sink

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At least nine people were killed after a tourist boat carrying about 150 people capsized in a reservoir in northwest Colombia between the towns Guatape and El Peñol. At the moment, 28 people are still missing.

Footage from the scene shows the first moments after the boat began to sink. In the video, the multi-floor ferry El Almirante is seen tilting from side to side as frightened passengers signal for help.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

The passengers who were rescued said that the boat was most likely overcrowded and that many people were not wearing life vests. “The boat sank very fast, it all happened within a few minutes,” explained fire and rescue official. “What we saw was a boat that was very close to the dock. We don’t know if this was [a case of] mechanical failure, overcrowding or something related to the currents.”