After MK Ahmad Tibi entered the Temple Mount compound during the tense days that followed the shooting of two policemen despite the ban, Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan called on the Knesset’s Ethics Committee to impose sanctions on Tibi: It was done “out of clear defiance at a sensitive time” and “could have endangered public security.”

Watch: MK Ahmad Tibi leaves the Temple Mount compound in July

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After Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi (Joint List) was seen leaving the Al Aqsa Mosque during the violent Temple Mount riots that followed the murder of two policemen in July, Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan filed a complaint against him with the Knesset’s Ethics Committee. Tibi addressed the complaint in an interview with Channel 2 News: “I stand amazed, this is unacceptable police behavior.”

During one of the meetings held by Erdan regarding the events surrounding the Temple Mount, a senior level officer with the Israel Police claimed that Tibi had entered the compound in violation of the explicit ban prohibiting MK’s and government officials from doing so.

The same senior level officer argued that the police are not equipped to take action against a Knesset member, all the more so when the incident in question is not a direct criminal offense. The officer suggested imposing parliamentary sanctions against Tibi in the hopes that it might deter other MKs later on from committing the same offense.

“There is no doubt that Tibi’s entering the Temple Mount compound, fully aware of the prohibition set by the Ethics Committee, endangered public safety and security and could have incited and encouraged others to commit violent acts in response,” Erdan wrote in the official complaint. Tibi responded to the conversation with Online News 2.

“I stand amazed,” Tibi said in response. “That the police, which usually… does not recommend bringing to justice those who shoot and kill Arab citizens, urged the minister to take measures against a public figure, an MK with immunity, for something that is not a violation of the law.”