The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Arab Student Union protested at the Mount Scopus Campus, while the students who participated shouted slogans against Israel and Zionism: “Zionists, leave! My land is Arab and free!” A complaint for incitement was filed with the Israel Police.

The protest on campus

The protest on campus Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Wednesday), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Arab Student Union led by Joint Arab List representatives held a protest yesterday at the university’s Mount Scopus campus. The demonstration dealt with recent security developments in northern Israel and the students who participated called for the removal of the Zionist presence from Israel.

During the protest held at the forum in the center of campus, anti-Israel slogans were heard such as “Zionists, leave! My land is Arab and free!” and “there’s no solution other than uprooting the occupier!”

However, this is not the first time that anti-Israel slogans have been heard at the Hebrew University. This past May in the wake of the Palestinian security prisoners’ hunger strike, Channel 2 News broadcasted a report in which students were seen holding signs with images of terrorists while calling for uprooting all Zionists from Israel.

After the report, a complaint was filed to the Israel Police for incitement, but the report was closed. Currently, following the pictures that were published from yesterday’s protest, another complaint was filed to the Israel Police.

“The protest held yesterday was done without coordination and without permission from the university,” the Hebrew University said in a statement. “Any protest or political activity within the university’s walls requires prior coordination with the dean of students. The university takes any violation of regulations and procedures and any remarks that could encourage violence very seriously.”