With the start of the work week in London, residents of the British capital city attempt to return to a state of normalcy following the ramming and stabbing attacks that occurred over the weekend. Further security measures have been placed around London, including concrete blocks on three of the city’s bridges. UK Prime Minister Theresa May stated that the threat level within the country will remain at “severe”.

Concrete blocks on the Westminster Bridge

Concrete blocks on the Westminster Bridge Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Two days after London’s double terror attack, in which seven people were murdered and 48 more were injured, the London Police Service is increasing security measures throughout the British capital city. Early this morning (Monday), concrete blocks were placed on three of London’s bridges as two of the terror attacks over the past three months, including Saturday’s terror attack, were car-ramming attacks that occurred on bridges.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May declared that the country’s threat level will remain at “severe”. The London Police approved the placement of concrete blocks on the Westminster, Waterloo and Lambeth bridges with the start of London’s work week. Pictures distributed since the concrete blocks’ post reveal pedestrians crossing the bridges as they pass by the new security measures.

Since the horrific terror attack, the British capital city’s residents have been attempting to return to a state of normalcy in the shadow of increased police presence within the city streets. According to reports out of the UK, a senior-level official within the City of London called to permanently retain the security barriers.