Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who just yesterday was troubled by the coalition crisis, responded to Knesset members’ questions at a plenary session and acknowledged the issue of term limits for the prime minister: “Power corrupts. This is a welcomed direction and we will bring it up to discussion in the faction.”

Bennett supports a PM term limit

Bennett supports a PM term limit Channel 2 News

 The Knesset plenary took place this evening (Monday) and for the first time allowed for Knesset members to ask the government ministers questions, to which they must respond. The first minister to stand before the Knesset members was the ‘star’ of the latest coalition crisis: Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett. The minister acknowledged the coalition crisis with Netanyahu and ideally supported a term limit for the prime minister. In addition, he criticized the Head of the Opposition, Isaac Herzog, for his actions. 

When asked if he would support the bill in favor of a two-candidacy term limit for the prime minister, Bennett replied that he has a positive inclination and will examine the matter. “It is a very important point. I agree that power corrupts, and absolute power definitely corrupts,” he answered. Bennett noted the American legislative change, which limited a president’s term to two candidacies, and emphasized that he will not support the amendment beginning with Netanyahu: “My inclination is positive, but we don’t need to do things retroactively. It’s not fair. We will bring it to the faction in the next few days. I think that it is a welcomed discussion and path.”