Beit Halochem Canada, ZDVO’s friend Organization, has organized the ‘Courage in Motion’ bike ride, organized for the benefit of the Zahal (IDF) disabled Veterans Organization annually for the past 11 years.

Every day for five days, 100 Canadian cyclists travel between 50 and 130 kilometers alongside 100 IDF disabled veterans.

The cyclists’ participation of more than $800,000 is used to finance the purchase of equipment (hand bikes, single bikes and tandems) and the cycling programs of the different Beit Halochem centers.

Cycling has become one of the most popular sports in our Beit Halochem centers, allowing those who have neither the legs nor the sight to enjoy the outdoors and be together.

See you this year from 22nd and 26th of October 2018!

The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO) is a registered non-profit organization, established in the wake of the War of Independence (1949), with the purpose of providing the 3,400 disabled veterans from this war with all their needs towards the long process of their rehabilitation. It is the only organization legally responsible for representing those veterans wounded and disabled while serving in defense of the State of Israel.

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