The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) informed the family of the Palestinian terrorist, who killed soldier Ronen Lubarsky, that the entire four-story building where the assassin lived will be demolished.

An IDF official said a message, intended to demolish two floors of the building, was transmitted to the family three weeks ago. However, in recent weeks, the IDF reviewed the case again and decided to demolish the entire building. “The IDF will continue to act decisively to prevent terrorist attacks and deter potential terrorists,” the official said.

The official explained that “the building was built on land where the IDF had already demolished another part of the building in 1990, following an attack by the terrorist’s brother. The family was not allowed to rebuild the building, and now the IDF has resolved to demolish the entire new building that was built.

Ronen Lubarsky (
Ronen Lubarsky (

“We are fighting terrorism with determination,” said Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman. “We are going to demolish the foundations of the four-story building, where the despicable terrorist lived, may his name be erased, who murdered IDF fighter First Sergeant Ronen Lubarsky.

“The demolition will be carried out as soon as possible. There is no compromising in the war against terrorism; only a firm hand,” the minister said.

Soldier Lubarsky was killed during a raid on a refugee camp near Ramallah, West Bank , last May.

A military court indicted Yusef Islam Abu Hamid, 32, for the murder.

According to the indictment, Hamid acted in retaliation for the arrest of one of his brothers last January.

On the night of the incident, the murderer woke up to the screams of soldiers as they arrested two of his neighbors in an adjacent house.

Abu Hamid climbed onto the roof of a neighbor’s home where he grabbed two blocks of marble that were there. He lifted an 18-kilogram block over the roof railing and threw it on Lubarsky who was standing below.

The suspect immediately went down to the roof of his house and crawled inside, while the soldiers were treating the wounded comrade.

Lubarsky, 20, from the central city of Rehovot, was critically wounded and died two days later.

According to the indictment, Abu Hamid slipped back onto the adjacent roof and used cleaning supplies to erase her fingerprints from the second marble he had previously taken, but had decided not to use.