The Beersheba District Court on Tuesday stated that the interrogation tactics employed by the Shin Bet may have led an innocent Palestinian man to confess to plotting a terror attack at a hotel in Eilat.

Photo credit: Israel News Company

The Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) may have pressured a Palestinian man to confess to a crime he did not commit, the Beersheba District Court said on Tuesday.

Two years ago, Khalil Nimri was arrested after being mistakenly identified by a receptionist at a hotel in Eilat as a man who had asked him suspicious questions earlier. A few days later, the receptionist told the police that he realized he had made a mistake, but Nimri had already confessed to planning a terror attack at the hotel. Later, a different man was found guilty of the crime.

The judges stated that the Shin Bet’s interrogation tactics may have led to the false confession. “The Shin Bet must ask itself whether these tactics, which have also helped foil dangerous terror acts more than once, might also bring innocent individuals to confess to crimes they did not commit,” they wrote. “It may very well be that (Nimri) spent two years under arrest for no good reason.”