The financial giant Credit Suisse has begun a $250 million partnership with the Israeli medical technology fund aMoon. “It will have a positive effect on the lives of millions of patients,” one of aMoon’s co-founders said.


Illustration Photo Credit: Chuttersnap viaUnsplash

Credit Suisse announced Wednesday that it will invest $250 million in aMoon, an Israel-based life-sciences venture-capital firm. The strategic partnership with the Swiss banking leader will be aMoon’s second fund, bringing the total capital of the fund to $450 million.

The first investment of $200 million was made by aMoon’s co-founder Marius Nacht and together with Credit Suisse’s investment, the fund is currently the largest investor in Israel in the field of medical start-ups.

“It is critical that disruptive businesses, which are committed to resolving some of the healthcare sector’s most pressing issues, receive access to venture capital and the liquidity they need,” CEO of Credit Suisse Asset Management Switzerland and EMEA Michel Degen stated. “Through this partnership, we will have a unique opportunity to present to our clients – and institutional investors outside the US and Canada – exclusive access to the $250 million investment in the fund’s activities.”

“We are very excited by the expression of confidence that this strategic partnership represents and the tremendous impact this will have on our determined pursuit of speeding up the field of finding the healer,” the managing partner and co-founder of aMoon, Dr. Yair Schindel, said. He added that the partnership “will create great value for our investors and will have a positive effect on the lives of millions of patients.”

aMoon was co-founded in 2016 by Nacht, the co-founder of cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., and Schindel, the former CEO of Israel’s National Digital Bureau. The investment fund aMoon specializes in life sciences and pharmaceuticals and invests in medical technology companies that are in advanced stages of development. The foundation’s three main areas of focus are medicine and digital health, medical equipment and bio-pharma.