Following an Israeli show’s investigation of Adama and the complaints filed against the real estate company, the Israeli Police began a criminal investigation against Adama’s owner, Oren Kobi, who is suspected of fraud, theft, and deceiving consumers.

Criminal investigation against Oren Kobi

Criminal investigation against Oren Kobi Channel 2 News

 Today (Sunday), Israeli Police opened a criminal investigation against Adama Logistic Group owner Oren Kobi. Kobi is suspecting of committing acts of fraud, theft, and deceiving consumers.

An investigation broadcasted on Israeli television uncovered how the company sells agricultural land in areas of high demand, promising that the land will allow for quick building. However, the consumers realized that the company sold them assurances without any sort of coverage, in some cases.

“We are happy that the police opened an investigation because they understood that there is actual theft,” some of the consumers who filed complaints said. “We hope that our money will be given back. Now everyone understands that this is fraud, that this is a company that simply used couples and young people who trusted them to help build a home.”

Aside from the police investigation, the Israeli Tax Authority also began investigating suspicions, according to which Adama Logistic Group and its owner, Oren Kobi, have evaded taxes from their transactions worth millions of shekels. The investigation began following information received from consumers and past high-level employees of the company.

If the investigation proves that the company did not in fact pay taxes according to the law, the Israeli Tax Authority will most likely be Adama’s main claimant, as it is “a secure claimant”.