This simple salad is tasty and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Make sure to prepare it right before you eat so that the cucumbers remain crunchy.

Photo Credit: Yael Gerti

Prep time: 20 min., makes 4 servings


500 grams baby cucumbers, thoroughly washed

100 grams Tnuva’s Crumbled Sheep Feta

2-3 stalks of fresh mint, leaves only, washed

1/3 tsp. ground sumac

2 tbs. olive oil

A little bit of salt


1. Slice off the edges of the cucumbers and cut lengthwise into easy to eat pieces. Place in a medium-sized serving bowl.

2. Add the feta and the mint leaves.

3. Drizzle on the olive oil, sprinkle with sumac and a dash of salt. Serve immediately.

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