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Breaking Fast Together


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Published On: Aug 05, 2012

Israelis and Palestinians Break Their Fast Together

It was an unusual meeting. Rabbi Fruman and Ziad. They both broke their fast together, one for the Tisha B’av fast day, the other for Ramadan. They sat down to eat together in the settlement of Tekoa, where Rabbi Fruman is Chief Rabbi.

Jews and Arabs together. Many of the Palestinians refused to be film for fear of being looked at by other Palestinians as traitors. Some said their peers would never agree to such a meeting. Young Muhammed gets an explanation on the Havdalah ceremony ending the Jewish fast day. It was Muhammed’s first time ever visiting a Jewish settlement. He says that all people are the same and that the aim of the meeting is to make peace.

Amongst the diners, shimon, whose brother Asher and Asher’s young son were killed in a terror attack not far from Tekoa. Their car was hit by stones thrown by Palestinians and overturned, killing them both. Shimon says there is no reason they should not gather together. It is strange, he says, that they have grown used to living apart.Ziad explains that at the beginning of history, one brother killed another, referring to the biblical story of cain and able. But, he says, here they are extending a hand to peace. Shimon said this endless cycle of violence and that he believes things should be different.

Rabbi Fruman said he hopes that all around the world, peoples will sit together and break bread like they are doing here and that people will fight together to defeat those obstacles we all have to being human beings. 

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