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The Narrowest Building in the World


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Published On: Nov 16, 2012

The narrowest house in the world was named after Israeli bestselling author Etgar Keret

It was an emotional moment for Israeli bestselling author Etgar Keret in Warsaw. The narrowest house in the world was named after him. The house is next to one of the few buildings that remain from the Warsaw Ghetto. The other neighboring structure is from the Communist era. It was called the Keret House in memory of the author’s relatives who perished in the Holocaust. Keret’s parents met in the Warsaw Ghetto, not far from here.

The house serves as a bridge between Polish Jewry’s past and Poland’s future. There are no windows, no porches, no stairways. But there is a kitchen, bathroom, hot water, a living room, bedroom, and plenty of light. You get up and down via a ladder. Etgar Keret will live here during his visits to Warsaw. He plans on doing a lot of his writing from here. The rest of the time, artists and writers from all over the world will live here.

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