After Ukraine, Russia, Denmark and Britain were hit by the global cyber-attack, Israel’s turn arrived. Even though the Eset IT security company determined that Israel was affected by the attack more than most countries, Israeli security experts are not too concerned by this surprising ranking.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As the depths of the global cyber-attack become clearer, Israeli cyber experts explained on Tuesday that thanks to the widespread awareness and preparations in Israel, only a few companies were affected by the virus. However, officials from the Eset IT security firm warned that the world will continue to witness more and more ransomware cyber-attacks and recommended that companies review their protocols, update their operating systems and remind their employees not to open emails from unknown senders.

As Tuesday progressed, more and more countries reported that they have fallen victim to the major cyber-attack. Ukraine stated that government agencies, large banks and even the airport in Kiev were struck by the attack.

According to Eset, Ukraine was certainly the country that was affected the most by the cyber-attack, followed by Italy, Israel, Serbia and Hungary. Additional countries that were hit include America, Britain, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia and Vietnam.

Despite Israel’s surprising ranking, cyber experts in Israel are not worried. “In our labs, we have been working on an analysis of the same ransomware from the morning already,” explained Ido Naor, an analyst at Kaspersky Lab. “We’ve seen thousands of attempts to infect but only a very limited number of companies were harmed.”

Naor explained that Kaspersky Lab is tracking the Bitcoin account to which the ransom payments are to be sent. “At the moment, it appears that only a few payments have been made,” he stated. “We are seeing a much greater sense of preparation on the Israeli side compared to the other victims.”

Amir Karmi, the technology manager at ESET Israel, explained that the world has been witnessing more and more waves of ransomware attacks. “It appears that we will continue to see attacks that utilize tools that were leaked from the NSA,” he said.