The numerous documents that have spread throughout the internet over the past few hours reveal instances of alleged tax evasion by the center presidential candidate of the French election. Media within the country has remained silent regarding the incident, as a French law that took effect prohibits any commentary that could influence the election. American cyber experts assert that Russia is responsible.


Macron Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

At 1:00 AM last night (Saturday), the law prohibiting the dispersion and publication of election propaganda in France went into effect, making the issue concerning the cyberattack on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign computers very problematic. Institutional media within the country has not said or written a single word regarding the content of the leaked documents however, the internet is storming.

The leaked documents indicate Macron’s alleged problematic financial conduct and tax evasion. During the debate between the two presidential candidates, Le Pen stated: “I hope we don’t discover you have an offshore account in the Bahamas,” a statement which led Macron to launch a legal suit against his opponent.

9 GB of information from Macron’s campaign headquarters were leaked onto the internet, as a user named EMLEAKS uploaded the content onto a file sharing site that allows users to share anonymously.

This is not the first time that Macron’s campaign headquarters is complaining about a cyberattack. In the past, they have blamed Russia. Last month, they claimed that unsuccessful attempts were made at hacking into the campaign headquarters’ email accounts. The Kremlin denied any involvement. However, American cyber experts are asserting that Russian factors are responsible for the current cyberattack.